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If you can't find the products you are looking for, or if you have any questions, please call our customerservice:
020 – 6737271

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Orthodontics Practice Amsterdam Zuid
Minervaplein 18
1077 TR Amsterdam

 Contact: 020 – 6737271


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Emergencies outside opening hours:

You can contact the TBB (Dentists’ Mediation Bureau).:
020 – 303 4500 or
0900 – 821 2230 (44 ct.p.min) 


Monday, wednesday, thursday and friday from 08:00 - 16:00 and

tuesday from 08:00 - 17:30.


Public Transport

Bus 65 en 15 stops on the Stadionweg near our practice

Tram 24 stops in front of the practice

Tram 5 stops at corner Beethovenstraat/Stadionweg

Station South is on 10 minutes walk


In Amsterdam for parking you have to pay. If you have a parking app the code is 12540.


The practice is ISO 9001 certified

Initial consultation

Initial consultation

Usually it’s the dentist who first sees that your teeth are out of position. Or it could be that you yourself are unsatisfied with the position of your teeth. You can then make an appointment with the orthodontist at our practice. At the first appointment, the orthodontist checks to see if you need braces. The orthodontist will look into your mouth, mainly paying attention to the position of all your teeth and the further development of your teeth and jaws. The profile of your face will also be looked at. Then an assessment will be made of how and when you can best be treated. It could be that you have to wait for a while as it’s not yet the proper time to start the treatment. This is usually to do with getting your adult teeth. If this is the case, we’ll contact you at home in due course to make an appointment to assess things again. If it’s now time for your treatment, information needs to be gathered to prepare a proper treatment plan, for your teeth specifically. We call the collection of this information the initial examination. You can make an appointment for this here.

Initial examination

The initial examination is done by an assistant. Two X-rays are taken: an overview photo of the entire jaw called an orthopantomogram or OPG, and an X-ray skull profile photo or lateral cephalogram. Further, five photos of the mouth and two of the face are taken with a camera. Also, 3D-scan/impressions of the upper and lower jaw are taken. And we make a wax bite impression to determine exactly how you bite with your teeth together. We’re now ready with the collection of the information and the orthodontist can prepare a treatment plan. This treatment plan is discussed with you at the next appointment.

Treatment plan discussion

Based on the X-rays, photos and 3D-scan/tooth impression, we explain what the possibilities are. We also discuss what will happen to the position of your teeth if you aren’t or don’t want to be treated. You can then decide whether you approve the treatment plan. Finally, together with the orthodontist, you define the course you will have to follow to obtain as nice a result as possible. The orthodontist who discusses the treatment plan will also go through the price list. After you agree to the treatment plan, you can make an appointment to have your braces fitted. If you have any questions about the fitting of the braces, you may ask them at any time of course. Once the braces are fitted and if you have questions at the check-up appointments, don’t be shy, do please ask! Nothing needs to be unclear, we’re here to explain.